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Towards an Integrated HTA Framework

Internationally, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is considered the leading approach to govern health systems, manage innovation and inform disinvestment decisions in public and private settings. An effective system requires an integrated environment where interactions can occur at all levels—international, national, regional and local. Each level holds different responsibilities and is characterized by a variety of stakeholders involved both in the provision and use of HTAs for decision-making. International collaborations, national and regional HTA bodies and hospital-based HTA units or functions all contribute to a sustainable healthcare network that requires coordination to improve clinical and organizational processes and patient outcomes.

HTA, however, is now evolving towards an integrated network or “ecosystem” where local needs can be addressed, thanks to both local and global evidence used to support effective and sustainable decisions. This new scenario implies adaptation and changes in methodologies and tools, professional competencies and technical solutions with computational capability for big data analysis.

This new ecosystem is shaped by new and old forms of cooperation with examples of integration now emerging or evolving. For example, the European Network of Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) currently leads HTA collaboration among member states by creating a structured environment in which cooperation in HTA is flourishing. By the end of Joint Action 3 in 2019, it is expected to sustain its own HTA system that is fully integrated within the European regulatory framework for both medicinal products and medical devices.

HTA 2018 Conference
The 2018 HTA Conference in Athens, Greece is aimed at collecting experiences to promote a deeper understanding of the potentials and challenges of different approaches and foster collaboration in HTA and integration between HTA and regulatory systems. On our way to form our New National HTA Body within 2018 and having already established the working criteria of the provisory HTA Committee, we will host enriching discussions around the benefits and challenges of different approaches and draw on European experience to help foster collaboration in HTA. We will explore the value-based paradigm in health care systems and we will define the role of HTA, discuss ways to engage professionals and analyze the balances of multi-stakeholder involvement.

Key Issues

Key issues to be discussed include:

  • Embracing a Value-Based Paradigm in Health Care Systems
  • Key Issues in the Implementation of HTA & The New Pharmaceutical Policy
  • The New HTA Body & Negotiation Committee in Greece: Principles and the Way Forward

Target Group

  • Healthcare Stakeholders
  • Government representatives
  • Pharmaceutical industry executives ((Market Access, Government Affairs, Health Economics)
  • Public & Private Health services providers
  • Health economists
  • Academics
  • Physicians
  • Patient advocates & patient group representatives


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